Product List
Propionic acid
Used as esterification agent, solvent of cellulose nitrate, plasticizer, chemical reagent and material for the preparation of food.

Alias:Propionic acid ;propanoic acid
CAS No.:79-09-4
Molecular Formula:C2H5COOH  
Molecular Weight:74.08
AppearanceColorless liquid, with irritative odor.  
Melting point:-22℃
Boiling point:140.7℃
Relative Density(water=1)0.99
Relative Density of vapor (air=1)2.56
Saturated vapor pressure (kPa)1.33(39.7oC)
Heat of combustion(kJ/mol)1525.8
Critical temperature(oC)339  
Critical pressure(MPa)5.37
Flash point(oC)52
Ignition temperature(oC)465
Upper explosive limit %(V/V)12.1
Low explosive limit %(V/V)2.9
SolubilitySoluble in water, ethanol, ether, etc., toxic, high concentration of contact or cause skin, eye mucosal surface local damage.
Package:135kg/Barrel,140kg/Barrel, ISO tank container or as customer's request