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Tert-butylamine can be used as a rubber accelerator TBBS, fungicide, herbicide, pharmaceutical (rifampicin). In the pesticide industry, tert-butylamine can be used as an intermediate for the synthesis of various pesticides.

EINECS NO200-888-1
CAS No.:75-64-9
AliasErbumine; Butylamine; 2-Amino-2-methylpropane; 1,1-Dimethylethylamine ; 2-methylpropan-2-aminium
Description:Transparent liquid, no suspended matter, no mechanical impurities
Water: ≤0.10%
Molecular Formula:(CH3)3CNH2;
Molecular Weight73.14
Features Colorless flammable liquid with ammonia smell.
Vapor Density:2.5(AIR=1)
Vapor Pressure:1.33 kPa/29℃
Saturated Vapor Pressure (kPa,25℃):2.5
Flash Point-8.8
Autoignition Temperature:380
Solubility:Miscible with water, ethanol, and soluble in common organic solvents.
Melting point-66.9
Boiling point44-46
Explosive Limits(V/V):1.7-8.9%
Storage:Store in a cool, ventilated and dry place to avoid direct sunlight, heat and moisture.
Package:135kg/Barrel,140kg/Barrel, ISO tank container or as customer's request