Product List
As a kind of safe food additive, Acesulfame-K has the properties such as being pure and strong in sweet taste, having good mouthfeel, being calorie-free, being not metabolized or absorbed in human body, being stable under heat and acid, etc. It can produce strong synergistic effect after mixing with other sweeteners, and sweetness is 200-250 times than sugar. It has been widely used in food, beverage, medicine and daily chemical products. It has been approved to be used in more than 90countries.

CAS NO.:55589-62-3
Melting point225℃
Molecular weight:201.24
Sweetness multiple:200-250
Product Featureswhite,odorless,freely flowing crystalline powder having an intensely sweet taste,approximately 200 times sweeter than sucrose (3% solution)
Quality Standard:The standard for the production of this product is GB25540-2010, at the same time the product complies with the FCC, BP, EP, and FAO/WHO/JECFA standards.
Packaging of product:The product is packed in full cardboard square carton with a net weight of 25kg, lined with double-layer plastic bags.